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We take great pride in our iterative process when it comes to delivering work to our clients. Rather than being inflexible with deliverables or working in a vacuum, we put great emphasis on ensuring that you receive a product that you’re proud to show off to your associates or peers. Think of us as your tailors; we want you to love your suit so much that you’d want to wear it all the time. (In this case, use it in all your presentations.)


Step 1: Needs Analysis

a) Your objectives and purpose for your presentation are important to us. We’ll discover and analyze several factors: Who you’re presenting to, What idea or product you’re selling and Why you’re giving the presentation. Through this process, we’ll be better equipped to concoct your outline.

b) We go to great lengths to thoroughly understand your brand philosophy and personality. At this stage, we’ll also look through your brand guidelines and collateral. This information will later be used when designing a comp for your approval.



Step 2: Storyboarding & Outlining

Based on the information derived from the Needs Analysis, we’ll craft a compelling outline for your presentation. Working closely with you, we’ll use a variety of techniques to make improvements to your existing structures and create new ones for maximum coherence.



Step 3: Theme Comp

We’re committed to helping you get your desired look and feel for your presentation. Based on your existing brand guidelines and collateral coupled with extensive visual exploration, we’ll create a theme comp for your approval. Revisions will be made if needed to achieve your desired look.



Step 4: Drafts

With success from the Outline and Theme exercises, we’ll be able to begin creating a workable draft for you. using a variety of graphic design techniques and image treatments, we’ll render your deck. To ensure we get the product just right, we’ll work with you to progressively to work out existing kinks through three rounds of revision.



Step 5: Closure

After ending up with a draft you absolutely adore, we’ll do a final clean-up and prepare your presentation in a variety of formats as per your request.


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