We’re looking for presentation talent

We live for presentations; Small ones, big ones, internal ones, external ones. ( You get the drift ). We’re a collective of creative enablers and we want you.

Do you want to work in a creative, driven and fun-filled environment? Do you want to empower changemakers and directors in various organizations to captivate the masses? Are you personable and madly obsessed with design? Are you an independent-worker and love presentations? Well.. You should be working with us.

Job Openings:

Graphic Designer 

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What does it mean to be a designer with us?

You will design presentations using a variety of visual techniques as needed. You’ll help clients to showcase their branding in their decks and simplify complex content for effective communication. Our Senior Designer will oversee your work to ensure it meets the client’s unique and varied needs.

Is this you?

A creative and experienced individual who can work well with multiple deadlines and projects. Someone who brings a positive attitude and collaborative work ethic. This individual should also exhibit remarkable visual-thinking skills. You have a keen interest to master the ropes and exceed expectations.

Job Scope.

Design and create multimedia digital presentations that showcases our clients’ brands as well as communicate salient sales or company information with effective visual layouts.

Produce company collateral when needed and fronting design-related initiatives.

Work with team to develop crucial skills with regards to visual-literacy, understanding complex information and client relations.

Learn our processes and be familiar with procedure to better facilitate project deliveries.


Prior Experience in related field.

Skilled with both Mac and PC platforms.

Proficiency with PowerPoint and Keynote.

Very familiar with Adobe Creative Suite (specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, and preferably After Effects &  InDesign)

How to apply?

Submit a resume and portfolio to us at info@slidecomet.com


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If you think you fit the bill, we’d love to meet up and talk about how we can work together.

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