We’ve helped our clients create awe-inspiring presentations. Now it’s your turn.

Here at SlideComet, we’re all about giving presenters a voice and helping them leave their mark. Whether you’re a bootstrapping startup or a body corporate, we can help you get your ideas seen and heard in its best forms through visual storytelling wizardry and loads of gusto. Simply, we help presenters like you stand out and make an impact through your presentations.

Remember the bittersweet feeling of that high-stakes presentation? You want to impress them so bad but you lack the time or the expertise; That’s where we come in. We’re a high-octane collective of business-people-turned-creatives. Besides having the ability to understand and simplify your business industry-speak, we’re also masters of visual design. (Why should two good things be mutually exclusive right?)

If you’re ready to ‘make a dent in the universe’, we’re game to help.

It’s true. We’re not the only presentation firm around. But hey, the good news is that makes us even more special. Hailing from Singapore, one of the smallest countries in Asia, we know a little something about how small things can make a huge impact. Here’s why clients choose us:


complex docs

We know what you’re talking about

We marry the best of both worlds ( business and design ), so you can focus on doing what you do best:
1) Knocking the socks off your audience through a hard-hitting presentation
2) Getting all the applause/glory (We’re fine with taking a backseat.)
3) Being the best version of yourself on stage

I was very pleased with their ability to communicate our key messages to the target audience that we provided them with.

Tom Russell
Founder, SeedAsia




We don’t waste your time.

You’re giving the presentation for a reason. You need it perfect & quickly for a reason. We get that.

As a nimble agency, we can offer unparalleled focus and priority to our clients. You’re our favourites;)

Let us get the hard work done efficiently behind-the-scenes, so you look fantastic without breaking a sweat. We never compromise on quality, only on our sleep….

I am thoroughly impressed by their efficiency in getting what I needed in such a short period of time.

Wong Hoong An
Founder, HungryGoWhere


we care


We genuinely care.

We genuinely care about your results and go to great lengths to empower you. Our processes are highly iterative and we check back real often to make sure you get the product that you want.

But don’t take our word for it, ask our clients.

They are a joy to work with – very understanding, creative and efficient.

Julia Tan
Head of Marketing (Asia), MyNewsDesk




We create decks that work.

We acknowledge the value of aesthetics but also understand that function has to come before form. Our presentations look great but also work superbly well. We never sacrifice clarity of your message for decoration. Remember, we’re business-people too.

Our entire team was very impressed by their work and have no doubt it will help us increase the value we bring to our customers.

Patrick Fei
Managing Director, BTS Asia


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